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For all music creators
Some hints and tips from our artists

We recently caught up with some of our artists and asked them to give their advice on succeeding in music to aspiring musicians. Here are some snippets from their interviews. Their full conversations will follow shortly so stay tuned.

“Don’t follow trends. If you follow trends you are always going to be a step behind what someone else has already done. Just do what you do in its entirety and hope that eventually the trends find you”.
Mary Jennings

“Stay true to yourself, try to create something eternal. The best songwriters and the best musicians have created something in their music that is timeless. Not to just follow the crowd and whats most popular but write something from the heart. Pave your own way, you don’t have to go viral or be on TV to make a difference with your music. Try to be original, work hard and be persistent. This will create opportunities you may never have really thought were possible”.
Jim Gaven

“The biggest thing for musicians is to not be afraid, make that first step. Be consistent, strong-willed and just do it. Try not to over analyse your music, it leads to negative feedback from yourself and other people when it takes you too long to just release your music. Don’t be afraid to really go for your dreams”.
Don Soledad

“Persistence. There is a lot of rejection and you have to knock on a lot of doors in order to find the right one. Be thankful for the success you do get, persist and don’t dwell on the negatives. If someone is not responding to you that person probably is not the right fit for your music. Remember yes is a yes, no is no and maybe could lead to possibilities”.
Steve Kornicki

“Find your Niche, that could sound like anything. Think about who your music might touch and keep trying until you reach those people”.
Aaron English

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