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JimGImage2Read Below To Find Out What Happened When We Interviewed Jim Gaven.
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Q. What inspired you to create music and become a singer/songwriter?

At first it was actually Chris Carrabba from Dashboard confessional, he inspired me to be a singer songwriter when I heard his music. I thought wow this is one guy and his guitar, I thought maybe I could do the same thing. But that inspired me to get into music not to be a singer/songwriter, I really wanted to play guitar and my good friend from high school played, so I thought it would be cool to jam with him. I taught myself how to play guitar and discovered I could sing and play which then lead to writing my own lyrics.

Q. For people who have never heard your music before how would describe your sound?

I would say it is a nice blend between the Goo goo dolls, Matchbox 20, John Mayer and Matt Nathanson. Kind of like an acoustic pop/rock fusion.

Q. Your songs aim to uplift and inspire your listeners, which one of your own tracks inspires you the most?

There are two songs of mine that inspire me the most, the first is ‘my life juice’ and the other is ‘locket’. Both songs speak about friends who were in a time of need, even though the theme of the both songs are the same both songs are very different. ‘My life juice’ is about a friend who didn’t want to come out of the closet because he was afraid that people would think of him differently. So I wrote about that whole experience. how he kept a secret which he shouldn’t, but was living in fear. The song locket was a really intense experience I had with a friend who was not in a good place and I wrote a song about, no matter how negatively your feeling think of this song, me and know there are people who care about you. Those song mean a lot to me because they’re about close friends and experiences. I like to take a bad situation and make it positive and hopeful.

Q. What has been the biggest highlight/ achievement or most memorable experience of your music career so far ?

There are a lot but my favourite was singing the national anthem for a professional soccer team last year. The Columbus Crew, they’re part of the ‘MLS’ and I was asked to sing the national anthem. Which was in-front of near 20,000 people, the largest crowd I have ever sang to before. The rush I got from hearing my voice over the loud speaker, over the entire stadium, was amazing.

Q. In Pursuit of F8th was your last album, released last year and inspired by your wife what was it like creating the album and what was the reaction to the album?

I recorded all of it in my home studio, I tried to do a lot of the recording when my wife wasn’t home as most of the songs were about her so I didn’t want her to know. I wanted to surprise her,  a song I wrote directly prior to that album happened to be our wedding song that we danced too. Which was a song I recorded and wrote when she wasn’t home, so it was really tough and was a game of cat and mouse for a while. This album the recording, writing, mixing, mastering and all the instruments, was all me. It was a truly solo effort and I was confident enough in myself to make a solo effort from start to finish and the reaction has been fantastic. The album is on CD Baby and people have been buying it, which is great.

Q. What response did you get from ‘Make this moment last’ which was released in 2010?

I think ‘Make this moment last’ has been my most popular song, it has been used in wedding slideshows, videos and has had a few placements on TV networks. That is the song that has been used quite a bit which is about a relationship way before I met my wife and actually started in 2008, I finally got around to re-writing the second verse as something didn’t seem right to me and I recorded it in 2010.

Q. What are your feelings on the changes within the music industry in terms of digital music increasing in popularity. Which do you prefer CD’s or Digital?

Digital music to me is awesome, you literally have it at your fingertips and the ability to purchase something on your own. I prefer digital now, even though I am from an old school trade of thought. I still use CD’s in my car it wouldn’t be the same without a CD to pop in and to have the physical product, which I hope never dies as it’s like a nostalgic thing like Vinyl have come back over past couple of years. Some musicians and people in the music industry are like why its an out-dated thing, but its a nostalgic thing and its great that there are so many different music platforms. But digital to me is my favourite as it gives the buyer the freedom and choice to choose an album or purchase the single you really want.

Q. What plans do you have for the future?

I am actually recording another home studio album that should be out in the Spring, the hardest thing is finding time to get it done. There is so much going on in my life to allow me to really get it done but I am working on it, I am in the vocal stage so near the end of the whole process aside from mixing and mastering. I am going to call the album ‘Reflections’ which is going to be about me. This past year I have learned a lot about myself, being an adult dealing with certain situations and experiences in terms of maturing and learning about my faults and successes.

Q. Finally, what tips or hints do you have for other music creators?

I would say be true to yourself the best musicians and songwriters have created something that is eternal they have created something that is timeless. Not to follow the crowd and whats popular on the radio but write something from the heart and pave your own way. You don’t have to be on a reality TV show like Americas got talent or the Voice or even go Viral to make a difference with your music.  Try to be original work hard and it will create opportunities that you never really thought were possible.

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You can find Jim on:
Website – http://jimgaven.wix.com/music

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