Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Artist

We value artists and believe now more then ever that amazing artists and their creative skills are the key to a successful future. We believe in our talent and their creativity and value what they deliver. We give all our artists the creative freedom they need to develop and can also add real value where needed with the close relationships we have established with Grammy award winning and multi-million selling writers, producers and mixers globally that we can bring in to add to your team. With our passionate team of music enthusiasts we work endlessly to make sure every single artist we sign is successful.


What is Ostereo?

Ostereo is a technology driven record label and publisher that actively invests in amazing artists to develop sustainable careers and internationally acclaimed success for its artists.


How is Ostereo different from other labels/ companies?

We have invested in technology and recruitment to deliver a campaign that builds fans and engagement along with streams to generate revenue from the outset. Success in 2017 is all about growing your own direct fanbase which you can then build a campaign to deliver music too. We have the knowledge, team, campaign and tools to do this and there are four core areas we combine in a campaign to deliver fan growth and income; Playlists, Influencers, Sync and Touring. We then utilise the traditional methods such as radio, TV and press to add to our results at the right time.


The Team

The Ostereo core team includes A&R, Social media managers, playlisters, influencers, sync, marketing, sales, accounts and legal, expanding significantly since our launch in 2016 here is a little more about some of the rolls within Ostereo;


Our playlist team have successfully built relationships globally with playlisters in multiple genres with followers from 1000 to over 1 million subscribers. On each campaign we work on building plays and playlists specifically for an artist and their release and utilise a number of methods and technology to do this in both traditional DSP playlists including Spotify and Apple Music and independent playlists created by people around the world. The playlists add plays, fans, revenue and weight to a campaign. All our artists currently have between 1 million and 50 million streams each globally.


Our team have the ability to reach out to people and brands globally with influence across all social media. If we can promote your track to people who like you with a reach of millions it can add significant results to a campaign with plays, posts, reach, stats and ultimately chart positions. Recent results include a Hype Machine #1 Twitter Chart, #1 Popular Chart globally.


Our Sister company Amurco has grown in five years to become an international Sync and license operation with two offices in the UK, Turkey and India with plans to open an office in North America in 2017. Our sales teams, Brand relationship managers and marketeers are actively promoting our content to music supervisors, brands, ad agencies and beyond. We also represent MCN networks where we provide music content to their channels with between 5 and 10 million subscribers and work with 10,000+ retail outlets worldwide providing retail in-store playlists. Clients include Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Ikea, Jimmy Choo and Seven Eleven amongst many others. Our artists are a priority for our sync teams to deliver revenue and plays as a part of Ostereo’s campaign.


Our campaign managers work closely with the artist to develop fan bases across targeted territories building up to a national then international touring platform. By using our algorithms to calculate potential audiences we then achieve a realistic approach to selling out shows and if you are gaining millions of plays and sold out shows, the attention of both fans and media are increased.


What does a typical Ostereo deal look like?

Our typical deal term is 2 years and we work on a 50/50 for records/ publishing and 80/20 in favour of the artist for live and ancillaries.


Do you advance your artists?

Ostereo currently does not advance its artists, instead we start at a zero balance and pay every 30 days building sustainable income streams from the outset.


Do you only work in specific genres?

We sign artists purely based on talent and our music team has expertise across a range of genres, so we look at music we think we can add real value to, regardless of its genre.

Do you only sign artists from certain countries?

We sign artists based on talent not location… Currently we have artists on three continents including; USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, France, Sweden and Korea.  Our teams work around the clock and with our technology it is easy to both run campaigns and communicate with our artists and teams from both our UK offices. 


Can I submit my music to Ostereo?

Unfortunately we are currently not taking on new submissions. Our A&R team work hard utilising our technology to uncover the most anticipated talent that is breaking – so keep doing your thing and we will find you early enough!


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